Cereal Boxes Wholesale Need of Your Business

Today, we are living in the post-modern era. There has been a massive advancement in the packaging industry. Besides this, the client’s expectations are also skyrocketing. They look for trustworthy and reputable brands to get fresh snacks. Custom cereal boxes are the best solution to secure cereals from heat, harsh temperatures, and humidity. They also maintain the real flavor and taste of the cereals for an extended period. You can customize these boxes in required designs, colors, prints, materials, etc., at very cost-effective costs from iCustomBoxes.

Custom Cereal Boxes in Diverse Shapes and Styles

An exclusive box’s design can significantly distinguish the brand's products from the crowd. You will find many design options for cereal boxes wholesale at our website icustomboxes.com. You can customize a bespoke package in styles, sizes, and shapes. Generally, cereal boxes come in rectangular and square shapes. However, the most popular box design options include reverse and straight tuck end boxes. These packages are the best way to display products on retail shelves. Besides this, they also provide easy and quick openings. You can customized cereal box with window cut-outs as well. 

Give Visibility to the Cereal Box with Windows

The cereal box with windows looks very appealing. It can captivate the attention of buyers at first glance. This box'sbox's styles are also best to gift someone. It gives recipients and onlookers a preview of the inside products. A thick PVC sheet is added to prevent the food products from moisture, heat, dirt, etc. clients can decide the thickness of the sheet following their products.

Attract The Kids with Their Theme Design Printing

Custom cardboard boxes are customized with premium quality kraft and cardboard. Both of these stock options are suitable for prints. You can make choice among offset, digital, and screen printing. Cereal is children's loveable snack. So, you can print the box with animated artwork and the kid's favorite graphics. For example, you can add a glamorous touch to the kid’s holidays with the printing of Christmas theme designs like trees, jingle bells, Santa clause, etc. besides this, you can make box packaging more alluring with CMYK and PMS color schemes. After seeing their favorite foods packed in eye-catchy boxes, kids will make purchasing inevitable. 

What are Our Lamination Options for Box Packaging?

Lamination on custom cereal boxes packaging can make it tear-resistant and endurable to scratches, scuffs, etc. You can go with gloss or matt. Gloss lamination is reflective of sunlight. It provides a shiny texture to the surface of the packaging. However, it enhances the color designs and text on the box. in contrast, matt lamination produces smooth and velvety touch. It is non-reflective and immune to marks and fingerprints etc. 

Addition of Additional Features for Cereal Box Packaging

Additional options like embellishments and add-ons provide extra strength and a finishing look to the box packaging. You can furnish the box with foil stamping. Silver and gold foiling create more vibrant and vivid color images. You can emboss the box's designs and images to give a three-dimensional effect. 

What Types of Cereal Boxes do We Manufacture? 

1. Food-Grade Cereal Boxes

We make sure to pack the cereals in food-grade boxes. Considering the health production of clients, we make use of food-safe inks, prints, and coatings.  

2. Kraft Cereal Boxes

Wish to give a rustic appeal to your organic cereals? Kraft paper is the best option for green packaging. It is 100% biodegradable and reusable. Customers can use a cereal box to pack other things, or they can also decompose it. 

Reasons to Choose iCustomBoxes:

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  • free shipping facility 
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  • free design assistance 
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  • discounts on bulk order
  • shortest turnaround time